July 14, 2015

Go Set a Watchman came in the mail today.

It matters what we think.

So here I am day two of writing whether I feel like it or not and I don’t know what to write so I’m just sitting here on the back stoop looking at the green and drinking my second glass of wine after having wandered Facebook and fixed my hatchback. There is a smell in the air that has been here ever since I got home–like they are doing laundry next door and using a powerfully perfumed detergent, so when the dryer goes it perfumes the air. But it’s been hours now, and it hasn’t let up, and it’s so thick it’s almost nauseating. This happened last year in the summer, too. I remember because I was walking Lucy after 9 p.m. and I finally had to give up and go home because it felt too toxic to breathe properly.

All these perfumes, dyes, pesticides, cleansers, fumes, exhausts…god, it boggles the mind to think about what we ingest every day, every breath. It’s fucking insane what we do and continue to do, as if we have no way of stopping. As if there is nothing that could possibly stop this runaway train.

Maybe this writing I am so keen to do is meaningless because there will not be humans to read it in the future. And even I, who appreciate the communications from my former selves, may well be too preoccupied with mere survival years hence to even get anything from this than fire starter.

Yes, it is that grave. If you don’t think so you are not really paying attention. Turn off the fucking television. Stop buying all the shit they are selling and fucking pay attention to what is happening. The glaciers are melting. We are eating poisoned food and drinking contaminated water and the “mainstream media” doesn’t give a damn. People are dying of hunger and homelessness and despair everywhere on Earth, and the media doesn’t care, the corporations don’t care. Corporations are taking control of basic animal needs–WATER, AIR, FOOD. This, after already reducing most humans to the level of basic survival, so they have no choice but to focus solely on animal needs. Human needs? Fuhgetaboutit. Survival is the main concern for most humans, and that is spreading. Maybe it’s already knocked upon your door here in the Greatest. Country. on. Earth. The. U. – S. – A.!

Yeah, this is what I’m thinking about. My thoughts matter. Somehow gotta get them out of the ditch.

Maya Worlds

It will go on, ever and ever. “There are worlds within worlds, Krysta” ~Magi Lune, Ferngully (RIP Robin Williams)