Goodwill Hunting

Warm weather has me searching for clothes~
Loose, cool, natural fiber,
Cotton is best.
I walk in slow meditation,
Hand outstretched,
Gently playing duck, duck,
duck, duck, duck
Through the whites
I smile at azure, cerulean, indigo,
Eyes drinking in the shades.

Green Tags 50% Off Today.
I have in my hand a find:
A blouse,
Gauzy cotton,
Made in India.
Tiny green butterflies hover among tinier leaves,
And I can feel their breath on my skin.
Fifty percent off for perfection.

I can’t stay here too long;
I am sensitive to the atmosphere.
It is the last stop before oblivion,
Harbor of the unwanted.
Sorrow sings through my veins~
The resonance of recognition.

I can’t stay long,
But I return every few weeks
With my faith in redemption intact.